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Hotel Linen Care

After prolonged use or repeated washing, linens will change their color, they are worn or damaged, the new ordered linens and old linens have significant difference in color, look, feel, etc. Some linens and speckled stains due to poor management, improper operation, such as yellow rust, black oil, for such linens the Housekeeping should promptly replaced them rather than let them stay in the service process.
To take care of linen products, proper washing and maintenance will extend their durability. In general, the hotel reserves of cotton products standard 3-5 sets, depending on the occupancy rate of the hotel, laundry functioning of departmental budgets, and other factors. 3 sets the general minimum standard, a set in the guestroom, a set in washing process, another set of the reserves in the cotton fabric warehouse spare. 
Life of the Linens:

Hotel linen has a certain life span, if over the period of its results will degenerate linen specific case of damage following several:
1, breaking the small hole
2, edge and corner rupture
3, the hem off
4, thinning and break
5, the color becomes cloudy
6, the softness of the towels reduce
Blended with 60% cotton, 40% polyester
1, the color becomes cloudy
2, cotton portion off, leaving only the polyester exists.
3, loss of elasticity
4, edge and corner rupture
5, the hem off
  When above a certain phenomenon, linen should be promptly replaced. Replaced the use of units and the linen room linen should co-checks for the stepping down of the old linen, hotel purchasing department should prompt payment of the supplement, to guarantee a certain turnover.
Staleness is usually all kinds of cotton fabrics in use to insure that you need to replace the new cotton goods. Standards vary from each hotel requirements of the scale difference.
Linen damaged factors:

  1. caused by the washed aspects, such as:
  • Washing feeding time is incorrect: Make sure the washing machine contains enough water before adding strong alkaline and bleaching chemicals, avoid concentrated detergent cause damage.
  • Improperly use bleach: Chlorine bleaching powder and improper temperature use, extra concentrated, washed residual excessive can lead to discoloration of the linen and may cost holes damaging.
  • The linen stains corrosive chemicals without immediately rinse: hotel used by a variety of cleaning supplies, some with corrosive, especially some strong acidic detergents impact cotton fabric.
  • the misuse of detergent: Laundry detergents are chemical products, requires a certain amount of training and knowledge, error mix cleaning and conditioning products will cause the washing effect deterioration or even damaged linen.

    2.  Caused by machines and man make reasons, for example:
  • The inner drum of the washing machine contains un-smooth parts, during the washing process may lead to the linen hanging broken or worn Phenomenon.
  • Did not seriously sort out before washing, any sharp or hard debris mixed in wash will cause damage in linens and towels.
  • In the course of transmission, the negligence causing linen pulled broken or drag broken, regardless of clean or dirty linens in the transportation process shall be maintained in proper bag, rather than using the linen to drag on the ground.
  • The linen storage environment: cotton fabric must avoid the influx of storage, warehouse ventilation must also be good, the warehouse shelf edges should be smooth.

    3. How to extend linens and towels life:
  • Properly use of a variety of cleaning supplies, to master the rational feeding time and temperature. Understand the basic characteristics and the use of the detergent methods, especially chlorine bleaching need to proper use, use anti-chlorine excessive residual chlorine, use neutralizer to residual alkali. Also try to avoid cotton fabric in direct contact with corrosive chemicals.
  • Do the sorting work, including the types of linen sorting and separation of debris before washing.
  • Careful in linen transportation process to prevent secondary pollution and accidental pull broken.
  • Make sure properly loading of the washing machine, too little or too much have an impact on linen wash and wear.
  • Avoid linens to be "fatigue use"- Linen should have sufficient time rest between each wash, at least more than 24 hours.